From:  Wm A Kingman, KTHO 590, South Lake Tahoe, (Email)
Date: Fri, Nov 8, 2002
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Wednesday night's windstorm (Nov 6, 2002) knocked-down the power lines...
which started a 25-acre fire at the transmitter site...
which burned next to the transmitter building...
and felled some trees...
which produced this problem:
KTHO 590 remains off the air because its power and phone lines were destroyed.
But the 305-ft. tower is saved (and straight again) thanks to the Forest Service crew
which carefully cut the felled trees piece-by-piece, gradually reducing the stress on the
guy wires rather than allowing them to loosen suddenly and possibly buckle the tower.

Note received on Sunday, Nov 10th from Bill Kingman:  "Good news -- KTHO went back on the air late Friday! But the wiring is temporary, so this is subject to change... This morning, 4 days after the wind & fire, everything in those pictures is under 2 feet of snow, still falling. Increased challenge!

Bill Kingman

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