KOCE-DT, Channel 48, Mount Wilson - Sign On Notice

The following letter was received from Roger Yoakum, CE, KOCE-TV/DT by the CGC Communicator on April 22nd, regarding the official sign-on of KOCE-DT from Mt. Wilson:

This is a general announcement to those involved in the Los Angeles broadcasting area, that KOCE-DT CH 48 intends to meet the May 1st, 2003 deadline for broadcasting as mandated by the FCC.

Our DTV construction permit calls for 1 Megawatt ERP.  However, our master antenna system is not yet complete, so we will initially be lighting up on a backup RD antenna.  We have received a STA for this antenna and anticipate an initial sign on power of 80 kW ERP.  We will remain at that reduced power until the master antenna system is installed later in the summer of 2003.

This broadcast RD antenna is located in the center tower cluster of Mt. Wilson adjacent to the Post Office, at the new American Tower site, on Tower #4.  This was the OLD CH46 tower, and formerly designated as American Tower #3.  The correct tower designation is now American Tower #4.  We are the TOP side mounted RD antenna on this tower. Just above KLSX-FM and above KXLA-TV.

We have complied with our DTV medical notification procedures, and have received a STA for immediate broadcasting services.  Barring any unforeseen disasters or voodoo, we should finish our Proof of Performance next week in time for sign on by Wednesday, April 30th.

Thanks to all who have welcomed us to the community, and who have also helped us to learn the protocols used in common practice at this prestigious site.  We look forward to becoming broadcasters atop Mt. Wilson and will always strive to extend a helping hand whenever and wherever we can.

Please don't hesitate to come by our site and take a tour and introduce yourselves.

Best Regards,

Roger Yoakum, CE, KOCE-TV/DT

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